His friends and family probably couldn't tell you a time when JJ wasn't designing or creating something. A visual artist at a very young age, his talent was nurtured and grown during his childhood, and as he grew, transformed into a passion, valuable skill-set, and way of life. His career has carried him through several Manhattan-based design and branding firms, where his style and direction are still felt in many products some of us use to this day. Entering the video production world was simply the next logical step for JJ, and he carries his eye for design and love of cars in all aspects of his video and design work. JJ entered the tuning scene over 12 years ago, and has built two very unique magazine-featured VW and Audi group vehicles during this time. In addition to his appreciation for all things automotive, JJ enjoys an extreme affinity for wheels. This led to his co-founding of Raderwerks, an after-market wheel company. Not one to go long without flexing his design muscle, he also co-founded Dubkorps, a VW/Audi enthusiast clothing brand. JJ is usually found eye-ball deep in Illustrator working up a new-design when not enjoying a short walk to the well-stocked fridge full of Red Bull.


Identified as a visual learner at a young age, Matt has always been fascinated and enthusiastic about anything involving visual arts. As a kid, when not peering through his Uncle's borrowed video camcorder he was snapping still pictures with his plastic Kodak 110 camera. Somewhat of a nerd, Matt can often be found involved in any number of stereotypical nerd activities: reading tech blogs, playing video games, tinkering with gadgets, and dabbling in web programming. At least these nerdy tendencies serve him well in his passion of video production - researching the latest camera equipment, reading theories in color science, experimenting with codec technologies, and the like. In the early 2000's he started sharing his views of cars and the VW/Audi scene with videos released under the name "wagenwerks" - and continues to do so. Concerning automobiles, Matt originally became involved in the JDM tuner scene before changing gears and building European cars.


The ultimate in state of the art, artificial intelligence. This missile-packing technological advancement of a machine provides untiring supervision and monitoring of all projects at awol.tv.